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Email notification of new versions


Not quite the right category, but what the heck. It’s feedback :wink:

I’m pretty sure I’ve signed up every SimpleHelp mailing list I’ve come across but I still don’t get notifications of new releases. I’ve only just discovered v5.1.5 - I’m still on v5.0.20.

Plus I’m sure I used to get notifications in the technician console itself about new versions? I’m logged in primarily as a technician, not the administrator.


I’ve noticed that all our techs get the new version alert in the tech client. :man_shrugging:


Not seen anything in here for ages. I’m sure that’s where I used to see notifications of a new version? But maybe not…


I agree with Rob. I’ve given up on getting alerts from the SimpleHelp website or Twitter. I use the following FREE web service to monitor the SH URL for release note.

Monitor Website Changes

SH URL for monitoring