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Emails do not get replied to


Hi, I have been trying to contact and and absolutely no answer. Then I asked my friend in London to contact you and no reply to him either. I am looking for someone who can answer a Sales inquiry, possibly even from the co-founder George Christelis (gchristelis) who I see have an account here on support.
We have also tried the contact form on the website and it does not seem to work either.
We thought perhaps that holidays would be the reason, but now it has gone 1 month so…Is anyone here at all??


I generally just use and get a reply fairly quickly.

Maybe try emailing from another email address domain. Maybe your email is getting flagged by an automated system? @gchristelis .


We’re definitely responding to all SimpleHelp sales enquiries. I’ll check with Chris to see if he has received a SimpleHelp sales enquiry from Kelly.


Hi, our sales inquiries have been sent by both me and my collegue Paul Hart in the London area. We have not seen any replies to date and it has been well over a month since I sent mine. First two came from my email (accounts) to contact at and the second one was sent to contact at and my friend sent a similar request from paul.g0thd. Since both inquiries have not received any response we suspect that something is wrong with either your email servers or in the organisation.


Yes, we suspected that our emails were flagged, hence we use two different email providers to avoid this. But same results. Paul I think is using gmail. I use the company email.


I had some issues with responses from support a few months ago, but that was due to how they automated the email flow process. Once they were aware via the forum, they fixed it and support was back to being responsive. Overall: SH is a good solution and I would press on even if you’ve had some email response issues.


Same issue, no response. please check your junk mails as I had many cases where Gmail mark emails from M365 as spams.