Ending remote session locks the remote computer

Hello All

In the settings, I have set at one time to lock the screen of the remote computer when i disconnect. But now i have turned it off again yet it still locks every time I disconnect.

Anyone know a way to fix this?


I have not ran across this problem before, but you may need to remove the accessing client and delete the install folder on the client, then try re-installing.

I had an old access client that got updated to a newer simple help version that some settings got stuck on and had to completely remove it and add it back. It has only ever happened a couple of times, but it can happen. I think I have been using SimpleHelp for 8 years or so, and its happened maybe 3 times to me. But Simplehelp has also gone through some major revisions :slight_smile:

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OK thanks for the information. This is what seems is happening.
I have already uninstalled the software and reinstalled but that didn’t do it.

Do you happen to know where the install folder is located on a Windows and Linux machine?


I dont remember for linux machines. Maybe /etc/JWrapper-Remote Access ? Cant remember and Dont have my linux machine up atm.

For windows its: C:\ProgramData\JWrapper-Remote Access
and C:\Program Files\SimpleHelpUtilities

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When you say you have it configured in the settings, are you referring to your individual Technician preferences for you account? i.e. when you logged into the Tech Console -> settings -? Session Settings?

If so what is set at the Technician Group level from the Administration Tab? potentially the group that your Technician is a member of has that option set which is overwriting your account settings.

Also if you are in multiple Tech groups there could be a conflict of the End of Session options are set differently.

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Are you talking about these settings? I don’t see any settings here that are related.

Yes i found it… It is in Administration settings -> Groups -> and then under permissions of the admin group.

Thanks for all the suggestions !

Ben, yes I was referring to Administration Tab -> Groups then under the End of Session settings where you can control if the remote machine does nothing, locks desktop or logs out.

Glad you found it.

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