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Endpoint backup options?


Is anyone running any type of endpoint backup integration with simple-help?

We use a mix of idrive reseller and windows server backup, aomei backup and others.

I’ve not seen a good option for any type of notifications of failed/good backups or a way of deploying or editing backup schemes via Simple-help.

Pulseway has a couple different integrations but we try to do everything via Simple-Help.



I use N-Able workstation backups. It backups all documents. I have a script that auto installs if it’s not installed.


We’ve used a combination of cloudberry (msp365), windows server backup, and synology active backup for many many years. As far as seeing if backup has failed or not you should be able to setup SH to monitor for certain events. Most backup software will log a certain event for success, and a certain event for failure.

“Alerts” tab --> “Alerts” sub-tab --> “New Alert” button --> “Set Trigger Conditions” button --> “Threshold” button --> “File” entry --> “Windows Event Log” entry

Should get you started with the monitoring side of things.


Same. Cloudberry has been great. I use it along with back blaze for offsite storage. Clopudberry sends you a nice report if something fails.