Endpoints are dropping off for 30 minutes at a time

A lot of my endpoints are not showing in SH. If I get into them some other way the system is up and running. Starting and stopping won’t help it. System is not out of memory.

If your simple help server is not experiencing an internet connectivity or latency issue. Check the access client configuration in the technician console and check what method is being used to connect to the server udp, http or https.

We are experiencing gathering same issue after the last round of simple help update with https or http but not udp access clients. However we also switched to ssl methods so we ourselves are trying to figure out what the culprit is.

Support said to move over to https: so I did. I have endpoints that use a little bit of everything. https and udp are failing. Maybe I should try http with a 443 at the end.

Same here, since last update, endpoints keep going offline, most noticeable on server, give it 10 - 30 mins and they reappear. My other remote access software see the same endpoint no problem so not a connection issue. Only happen since 5.3.4, using udp and http. My simple-help server has started to stops running at night sometimes, when I restart it manual all endpoint which are on are shown.

We updated from the letsencrypt SSL cert to a reputable SSL cert that we have used prior (successfully) and we still are encountering the drop offs.

We are not seeing this behavior with UDP and HTTP clients, only SSL.

I have put in a ticket with Simple Help.

Turn off all notifications. Reboot your server. If the endpoint isn’t there give it 30 minutes. They’ll stay back online after that.