Exclusion Path for Antivirus

Bitdefender seems to be blocking SH on some occassions. What is the exclusion path? Does each release have a new directory? This looks like it.

C:\ProgramData\JWrapper-Remote Access\JWrapper-Windows64JRE-00063527423-complete\bin\remote access.exe

Or is it always 00635…?

Do you mean windows bitdefender?
Windows Firewall?
Or Bitdefender GravityZone AV?

It does change. Your best bet is to allow the folder: C:\ProgramData\JWrapper-Remote Access
You will also want to allow “C:\ProgramData\SimpleHelp\ElevateSH\SimpleService.exe”

We use bitdefender gravity zone on about 500 endpoints (all of which have simple-help) and have not had an issue of anything blocking SH.

I am curious what version of BD and SH you are using.