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Faster Remote Access Upgrades


Although we plan on posting larger updates here like new releases etc we want to also try posting a bit more info about upcoming features and changes that are in the pipeline, both as an opportunity for feedback but also just in case anyone is interested in what is coming soon for SH.

Something we improved just today is remote access upgrades. When you upgrade your SimpleHelp server the sessions will all upgrade on demand to make sure you get the new features but the remote access sessions will remain on the older version until you manually mark them for Auto Restart.

This is to give you more control over how you manage the the updates, particularly to critical systems you don’t want to risk losing access to. You can if you like just select-all and flip the switch but you can also do it in blocks to minimise network impact or at times when it won’t cause disruption to people’s sessions.

On macOS and Linux these upgrades go through quite quickly but due to some of the complexities of managing the service process on Windows there was a delay of a few minutes while the upgrade went through.

As of today’s internal builds though that delay is gone and Windows remote access services update speedily just like macOS and Linux.


This is great news and exciting! Thank you for sharing this update! Look forward to new reading about new features and roadmap items!


Thanks Kevin there will be much more to come :slight_smile: