Few 5.5.1 issues

Few issues with 5.5.1

Still having issues breaking thru screen saver on Windows machines to get to the login prompt. Sometimes black screen appears, sometimes screensaver., you can hit a key, ctl-alt-del, go to file transfer and then back, disconnect, reconnect most of the time works.

When using mobile device via SSH, frequently get a black screen on the remote and can not get thru it, even disconnect, reconnect doesn’t work.

It doesn’t appear the login Security to block after X failed login attempts is working. At least it isn’t adding anything to the IP address block list.

We received 5 alert emails (we have set) within 15 minutes and it should have blocked after 3 attempts within 300 minutes.

URGENT: FAILED Technician LOGIN Attempt (Password)
Date: 7/2/24 10:09:48 PM
Group: N/A
User: root
IP Address: