Few Bugs I noticed

Just upgraded to 5.2.12. Noticed a few bugs

Tech is logged into 2 system. It usually shows active sessions. Now I see nothing

On the invite page, the edit button doesn’t work.

Make sure to send this into support. They do not monitor these forums. This is just to let the community to share and help each other.



I’m running 5.2.11. Does anybody see any show-stopping issues where I should wait for fixes? Or are these minor?

I have only been running it 2 days. Nothing major so far.
Upgrade was seamless. Clients updated with out issue.

762 Clients no problems yet.

Found a minor bug when running a toolbox. The new Confirmation box doesnt take focus. So you have to click the tool to run. close the toolbox, then click the confirmation.
Only thing I have seen so far. But its only been 2 days for me.

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I don’t think 5.2.12 has been available for much longer than that. :slight_smile:

My experience as well, all our clients seem to upgrade smoothly.

Toolbox not in use for us.


I’ve been testing 5.2.12 for about a month now and haven’t had any problems at all with it.

5.2.12 bugs that I’ve reported:

  1. Toolbox confirmation bug mentioned above.
  2. New Access clients have a port number added to the URL that I have to remove in order to get things to work correctly. ( example: UDP:www.url.com:443 )
  3. We have exactly 1 alert setup to kill a process if it runs for more than 15 minutes on only one Access server. I don’t know for certain if this happened during the upgrade to 5.2.12 or afterwards, but somehow the selected machine part of the alert was removed which caused my alert to be active across all of our clients computers. Pissed off a lot of people. So keep an eye out for that one.

That said, I think that overall this update runs better. Connections are more stable.

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Had stuck updating on a couple of computers - not found a resolution yet.


After upgrading from 5.2.11 to 5.2.12 on Ubuntu using the upgrade script I have run across 2 issues.

  1. The Java component threw an immediate out of memory error within 15 seconds of the SimpleHelp server starting. I was able to assign it more memory by creating a config.configurable file and putting jvmArg=-Xmx512m in it, so it only crashes every few days now, but I put in a ticket to see about getting that resolved.

  2. More of a “FYI” than a bug, but the upgrade changed the name of the simplehelpserver.service to simplehelp.service, so I had to remove the old service and add the new one to systemd to get SimpleHelp to auto-start again when the Ubuntu server is rebooted.

The best way to address this issue is to force the SimpleHelp Access client to restart. Or reboot the access machine. This should force the client to update.

I had this issue and it turned out to be an issue with the DNS, I restarted the router and cleared the DNS

New version out yesterday, seems to be fixes for regressions, can some of you mention if the issues still persist, or if this resolved them?

If you set the persistent connections to auto-restart, they will update automatically: Select a group of computers (whatever makes sense for you), click the Gear icon. An Auto-Restart button will be there.