Find Existing Sessions

Is there an easy way to find existing sessions? I got an error that I was out of sessions, and I needed to go find out what they were. I was able to scroll through ALL of the sessions and find the ones with the # on them, but, is there a way to search or filter for this to make it easier?

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You should have a filter on the left side that shows Active Sessions.

What does it look like? I have:

  • All Machines
  • Online
  • Offline
  • Tags

Hopefully screen shot comes through for LHS
I don’t have Tags, but do have Active Sessions and we also have a little use of Remote Work

Hm, we don’t have that. I’ll submit a ticket. Thanks!

I believe there is a security setting on the group/user in SimpleHelp that controls whether user can view active sessions. Likely that is turned off for your account.

I’m not seeing anything (when logged in as SimpleHelpAdmin) that would restrict/allow this.

ALTHOUGH, I wonder if it’s “Allow Server Administration”, because when logged in as the SimpleHelpAdmin, I see the “Active Sessions” group.

We only have 1 group, and that group has everything except “Allow server administration”.