Gather Stats & Info

Is it possible to gather stats & info without actually connecting to a machine? I find the information useful but would be ideal not having the need to connect or having the end user aware of the connection.

You can connect in Diagnostic mode and user will not be interrupted. Same as for File Transfer or Terminal Mode

I have tested this and that does not seemed to be the case.
Choosing the option “Connect in diagnostic mode” alerts the end user that you have connected with the usual pop up window.

Unless you have another way or maybe a setting needs changed?

I just connected to my own PC and observed no pop-up. I’m not aware of an option for that?

If you go to:
Administration, Session Features, Technician Presence do you have “Show the technician presence in customer help sessions” and/or “Show the technician presence dialog in remote access sessions” selected?

I don’t (and I don’t get notifications when connecting in Diagnostics mode).

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Cheers Craig.

I really wanted to be able to not show presence when connected in diagnostics mode but to show presence when clicking the normal connect button. Seems th only way is to have it on for all or off for all.

Depending on what you want you would need to script it via powershell and or with the scripting API in simplehelp.