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HaloPSA Integration


I see HaloPSA has a “Legacy” integration with Simple Help but can’t find much info on using it or even the full capabilities. I’ve spent so much time on SimpleHelp at this point that I’d hate to move to a different Remote tool but need time tracking and billing to be a lot more automated (for my sanity)… Anyone using this?

I should mention I’m still in teh evaluation phase of selecting a PSA software.
Article for reference:


well… while I’m still interested, it appears Halo has a minimum I’m not ready to meet yet. Anyone using another PSA with SimpleHelp sucessfully?


No direct integration yet. I’ve been waiting myself. You can do deeply links in assets via a custom field and I’ve had success using the appurl:// link. I’ll try to make a follow up post on how to build this out in HaloPSA.