Hanging onto online connections

This isn’t a bug at all - just a bit of an idle question. I’m trying to get SimpleHelp working behind IIS reverse proxy so all I have open through the firewall is port 80. That’s not working but that’s for another post. I’ve got Spiceworks working through the proxy so SimpleHelp is next on my hit list.

But part of this investigation was looking in detail how SimpleHelp is configured and which ports it uses etc. My SimpleHelp configuration is on port 8008. Works a treat except part of the reason for wanting to look at getting it on port 80 is that some guest Wi-Fi (esp. hospitals) block everything except port 80.

And yes, when I set it up, I set up port forwarding of on port 8008 on my router to my Windows server IP. Also added TCP and UDP inbound rules on the server’s firewall.

So to confirm these two ports are being used, I disabled the firewall rules and watched the number of online devices drop. But not totally disappear. Even left it overnight and there were still ~20 devices shown as online. I couldn’t connect to them.

But why is the device showing as online so long after that firewall port was blocked? I realise this is probably more a question about Windows firewall but thought I’d ask anyway.