Help! Urgent! Can't work on any computers 5.3.4

Just extended support and upgraded to 5.3.4 now I can’t work on any of the computers anymore.
After connecting to a client it start updating and the input is completely unresponsive. Then after restarting only shows a black screen. 20+ computers so far.
Can’t do any work, have to cancel clients or ask them to install Teamviewer, drive to remote locations etc.
Reinstalled the server completely checked all settings, nothing changed.


We are running 5.3.4 without issue so I’m not sure what to suggest other than create a support ticket.

You can find previous releases HERE if you want to reinstall your old version.

Thanks for the reply, I also created a support ticket, this is the first time running into any issues like this.

Is it possible to install an older version through SimpleSetup? I created a new Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on DigitalOcean (same IP) and restored the server backup to 5.3.4 but don’t seem to be able to install an older version this way?

Please keep us posted on the outcome of this! :slightly_smiling_face:

I did not have time for diagnostics as I had to get back up and running. I installed 5.3.2 and the screen was displaying (instead of black) but still there is no response to any mouse clicks although the arrow does move around. With the black screen it is just quickly moving around in the top left corner. Again tried on many different computers.

Then went back to 5.2.18 and everything seems to be fine again, although now I can not service Monterey or Windows 11 machines, so I do need the upgrade.

Initially I used SimpleSetup for the install but now learned a manual install is simple as well. It might be useful to have an option to choose a release within SimpleSetup, after the above issues hopefully get fixed soon.

Hi Vincent,

What version did you upgrade from? The server I support is on 5.2.14 and would like to know if it is a good idea to upgrade direct to 5.3.4.

Thank you.

Hi, Vincent:
Were you ever able to make any progress toward implementing 5.3.x?


So far I’m running 5.2.18 without issues, I’ll keep doing that until an update > 5.3.4 is available and I have some time to test such update.

@RMA in my situation I would go to 5.2.18 first and test 5.3.x to see if that works OK for you…

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Just Installed 5.3.4 - happy to report no issues. Install went through without any issues.
We are running it on a Windows VM.

Good news! Was this an upgrade or fresh install?

This was an Upgrade. From 5.3.1

You could try making a backup from the SuperAdmin user,
Uninstalling and deleting everything then doing a fresh install.
Then restoring from the backup from the SuperAdmin user.

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