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Hiding remote screen


There is an option to hide the client’s screen, but it doesn’t work in Windows 10 (actually I think it only worked in Windows XP!). Does anyone have a solution for hiding the remote screen so that the user can’t see what I’m doing, and maybe post a message “Computer being worked on remotely - call xxx if you need any assistance” sort of thing? Maybe it would be OK to even just put a slightly transparent window over everything so the user can still see something’s happening but they see the message.




  1. Prevent user from closing all the work I’m doing - that’s happened quite a bit
  2. Some users are away from their desks and prefer if it is not available for viewing while I’m working remotely on it.
  3. Business owners sometimes request we discretely inspect an employee workstation


I used to use Logmein a few years ago (before they got outrageously expensive) and they had a screen blanking feature I really miss in SimpleHelp. They implemented the screen blanker as just that … it blacked out the screen with no message at all. Really came in handy. I don’t know if it still works in Windows 10 on Logmein since I don’t use it any more.

The SimpleHelp screen blank option is available in Windows 7 & XP, but not Windows 10 (or Server 2012 for that matter). Also, when you use the SimpleHelp screen blank option the mouse is still visible moving around, and that’s a bit weird for anyone looking at the host screen.

What I would LIKE to see is the option to COMPLETELY blank the screen (i.e. turn it off), much like the old Logmein function did. Not sure if that is possible in Windows 10.


I agree. I miss the function as well. Last I remember George said it was a limitation with Windows 10 and they way they were doing things. Hope they get it sorted. Its a really nice feature to have.


thanks my issue has been fixed.