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Hosting SimpleHelp on Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W


Has anyone tried hosting SH on a Pi Zero 2 W? It only has 512mb of RAM but I’ve been getting by with the same on an AWS t2.micro instance. This would be for light usage (one technician and 10 machines).


Would rather that you are using a pi4, but the zero should be able to handle it, make sure you configure that swap though as it will go over 512 from time to time. Also keep in mind that the more alerting and monitoring you add in the more load. It’s not going to be a pretty experience.

*** this is also assuming that SH has an arm version. (remember that pi is not x86) I know with 5.3 the technician and access and remote work will run on arm (reportedly), but I haven’t seen anything about the server version. They do have an “all platform” version for the server, but it’s a large zip and when I went to look at it the download was taking quite some time.