How do you Downgrade from latest version to older one?

What’s the best practice for downgrading SH Servers under Linux? I know the URL for old versions, but the support website does not explain how to downgrade? No instructions which is disappointing.

And if you’re curious why, I upgraded from 5.3.5 to fix the error saving summaries issue which was very annoying, and upgrading to 5.3.6. Uggh… now none of Mac endpoints work with 5.3.6 (Macs with Remote Access). I just see a grey screen and mouse icon (same issue on 4 different macOS versions), and SH Customer crashes on the 1st Mac I tested.


You just need to run the installer for the previous version. Make a configuration backup first, of course.

What is the URL, actually?

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We are experiencing the same issue. However so far we are not seeing this behavior on Windows Server operating systems.

Downgraded to 5.3.5 (uploaded tar, extracted, and then followed the installing guide), and now I’m able to connect to the 50+ macOS endpoints.

Support is slow at fixing even no access problems (highest priority) issues. I’ve provided all the logs to SH Support Tue (used Anydesk to provide all the logs when I lost access) they acknowledged it Wed, and it’s Fri EOD, and no response. Thankfully downgrading fixed access even though I have the error saving summaries constantly.