How many endpoints do you have?

How many endpoints do you have and how powerful of a server do you use? Windows, Ubuntu etc?

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We have about 700 endpoints and use a Windows server virtual PC - 8GB RAM and 4 CPUs. We used to use (about 5 years ago) a Dell server in my spare room - 4GB, SME Server (CentOS) from 2006. Actually that worked fine surprisingly but we only had 250 endpoints at that time.

1,370 Endpoints. We are using an AWS instance.


We have around 3000 end points however its spread across multiple servers globally.

We run on VMs which are Windows Servers 2CPU, 8GB and we allocate up to 3GB for the SimpleHelp service through the Tech Server health option

Ubuntu server
1400 endpoints
4 techs
1 CPU (running at 13% right now)
2GB RAM (using 1.01GB right now)
$10/month (digital ocean)

About 400 with up to 6 tech sessions on an Azure Server 2016 VM. 2 vCPU, 4GB RAM.

Are you running out of memory? Mine was. I have 800 endpoints, Digital Ocean. I had to upgrade to 4 GB / 2 vCPUs.

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We do not run out of memory. We did enable a 2GB swap file for those times when it goes a little high though. We’ve been running this way for years and frequently are using 5 sessions at once. I don’t know if maybe a lot of alerts cause higher memory though. We only have a handful that run.

about 600-700 fanless mini PC, 16Gb Ram, 500Gb EVo SSD, I7 Gen 8., Windows 10 Pro
No Issues all works fine