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How to change HTML templates like ${WP_CUS_DESC}?


Sorry if it’s something obvious but I cannot find where these template values are coming from.
For instance in welcome.html we have ${WP_TITLE}, ${WP_SUPPORT_TITLE}, ${WP_CUS_DESC}, etc. Are they editable or the only way is to remove them and replace them with your own text in welcome.html? Thank you.


You can just take the ${xxx} part out and replace it with the text you want. I have done that on my pages.


Yeah I did that for now but I was more curious where this data is coming from.


Looked to me like it’s just hard coded into the program, looks like they made it so they could add it to the branding settings to change it but just have not taken that step to make it happen.


This is all controlled through the SimpleHelp Translations.

The default files are stored within C:\Program Files\SimpleHelp\DEPLOY\translations on your server, so you can use these files to lookup any particular text in SimpleHelp and identify the corresponding key.

If you want to change the value create a new en.txt file (or whatever language you wish to change) within C:\Program Files\SimpleHelp\configuration\translations then just add the relevant key pair.

For instance, if you want to change WP_TITLE , you could add the following

WP_TITLE = My new title

Anything you add into configuration\translations will overwrite the default information stored in DEPLOY\translations. Note, you should not change the values directly within the deploy area as they will get overwritten any time you upgrade