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How to download or copy file with API



I want to download or copy a file from a remote machine to my pc. Can we do that with API script

Let say I create Tools and want this:

Copy from remote machine c:\logs\log.txt to my pc at c:\all-log

Is possible to do that?


Well this forum is useless… Simple question and no answer yet. I give up!


Sorry @San_Kuy San_Kuy.
I am not sure if you can do this. I think it needs to run a simplehelp remote access client and copy to the client. It would be nice if you could copy to the technician though.
Maybe others will be able to provide more detail because this would be useful to me.

@Anthony Can you add any insight on this?
Can you copy using the api from a client machine to technician?


I did notice that if you select a machine, click the file explorer, there’s a little download button available. You can then browse to the file you want and click download and it’ll download to your machine without having to open remote access

I hadn’t noticed that before, pretty cool.

Had a quick look at the API docs and it doesn’t seem that this is something exposed via the API - the API is just accessing your Simple Help server so not interacting with the machines directly, so no scope for doing this programmitically it seems, if that’s what you wanted to do @San_Kuy


Thats what I was thinking. @San_Kuy Submit it as a feature request to support.
I will do the same since its something I am wanting for a few tools I use.


I hadn’t spotted that file explorer window. Where does it download to?


It downloads to the temp folder. You can simply drag out the file/folder.


This way works but if you have 300 servers you have to use script or code. That is why API will help.


Yeah that’s obvious :slight_smile: Downloads folder would be a better choice IMO.


I just learned you can drag and drop the file out of the tech interface onto the desktop. :slight_smile: