How to run simple help without exe on customer computer


We have a Simple Help licence. We and our customers are using Simple Help seemlessly.

We want to run simple help application without installation. How can We run simple help app without exe?

We tried some solution but we failed. We researched our server that installed simple help application. We did not find any jar.

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you must access the downloads page (client’s download) there you will find the client version that doesn’t require installation (it remains active till you disconnect but gives you the option to install a persistent connection) . The find the page please access your administrator account and you will find the url (if you don’t remember it)


Thank you for your answer. i visited our website(for customers) but I could not download jar because it s not working
our simple help server url(for customer) :
I clicked “Tüm Dosyalar” it means "all documents) and than i clicked “Java ile Çalıştır” it means run with java.
How can It run with Java?

To run with java you must have java installed on the machine. You can download java8 and install it. After that the run with java will start.

Thank you for your support my friend. I am a java developer.
I know that how to run a jar. I can not download anything from our server for run with java. I think Our server has no jar for run with java. Which jar our server must be include and how can I add to our server?


We couldnt run to simple help on our customer’s pc. How to run simple help client app with java.
Our simple help server link is We visited this website and click ‘Java ile Çalıştır’ (it’s mean ‘run with java’) but it doesn’t work.
we capture snapshot.