I'm running a 32 bit Server 2008 AWS Micro Instance - upgrade?

When I started years ago I downloaded the AWS EC2 micro instance template. So it’s 32 bit 1GB RAM Server 2008. I don’t see any delay installing and running SH. Should I download my configuration folder and build a new instance with a newer OS?

The EC2 32 bit 1GB instance is inexpensive - do I need to upgrade to 64bit and more RAM?

It only depends on how many concurrent connections you need and the processing power you have assigned to your vm. If you don’t notice any speed issues… “If it ain’t broke , don’t fix it” unless you still have an older SH release and are missing the recent features. I know that windows 2008 32bits can handle 4Gb of RAM, however I don’t think they will upgrade it at this time.


That’s why we don’t have an issue, not many concurrent sessions.

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