Installing agent on Linux

Hi guys.

I have not used my Simple Help system in a while and now I cannot find any instructions on how to install the simple-help agent on linux. Details:

  1. Installing the client on Windows or OSX is fine. Establish the remote session, install client and done.

  2. Establishing a remote session with any linux desktop, whether restricted or root user does not seem to actually install the Simple Help agent at all. Well, it seems to try to install the agent into /home/user/JWrapper directory but the documentation suggests that it should be installing into /opt/JWrapper directory.

  3. I am running server 5.1.5 (will be upgrading soon).

  4. Questions:

a) I cannot find any information in the guides on installing the agent on a Linux desktop either via remote session client or via command line. Anyone have a link to a specific doc / kbase page that explains the details?

b) I know that the server has the following urls:


I could have sworn there was a third url, something like /installers or something that would allow me to install simple-help agents fully using either command line or local gui? Can anyone set me straight on this, am I imagining this or not?

I cannot find any information in the docs on this. This time I will make sure to have local documentation of procedures.

Thank you kindly for any help.


You are searching for /access
But there is a faulty command displayd in step 2. (Version 5.3.7)
Support is already informed.
// Extract service.tar
$ tar -xzf service.tar

Instead of this you need to use -xf

Best regards.

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