Installing SimpleHelp via Microsoft Inune

We are deploying Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Intune to a lot of our customers and we are having trouble deploying it.

Has anyone been successful?

Did you get anywhere with this? We’re considering a project to improve the deployment of new laptops to my main client by investing in more Azure stuff above the Azure AD basic you get with Office 365. Deploying SimpleHelp and registering SimpleHelp as part of the laptop image would be an important part of the deployment.

Not wanting to really revive what could be a dead thread.

I have managed to deploy the Remote Access installer via InTune.

Create your .intune file with the “Remote Access-windows64-online.exe”.

Install Command = Remote Access-windows64-online.exe /S /NAME=AUTODETECT /HOST=[Enter Server Address]
Uninstall Command = Remote Access-windows32-online.exe uninstall

Appears to have worked in my testing and adds them to the root folder of All Machines with the HOSTNAME as the Machine Name.

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