Integrate Scancircle with Simple Help. SC gives full stats

I use Scan Circle to scan all my workstations and get computer info like a/v, disk space, ssd info etc etc. You can purchase it at Partner program | ScanCircle

What I do is I run a silent scan and then I have it import the url into the notes for each PC. This is great because when the computer is offline you can go to the url and look at all the computer data.

What you want do is upload your exe file you get from Scan Circle, and then create a batch file script

c:\temp\ScanCircle4D.exe -partner PARTNER-NAME -save c:\temp\scan.xml -reference REF -language LL -hidden -output c:\temp\scancircle.txt -scanmode P
goto import

FOR /F “tokens=* delims=” %%x in (c:\temp\scancircle.txt) DO echo ServerUtilsSetMachineProperty(@ThisMachine(),Computer Data,%%x)
goto end


Output looks like this:


That script also outputs a very detailed xml file called c:\temp\scan.xml that you can email to your client.

BTW you might see a %x in the Computer Scan field, that is just temporary. It will change to your url after a few minutes. (Server Lag)

This Looks interesting!

Thanks Ryan, really useful.

To get it to work I had to replace the left and right pointing quotation marks with standard non-directional quotes i.e. “tokens=* delims=”.

Looks like it got formatted for MS word or something. make sure all the " are " :slight_smile:

This is awesome Ryan. I just used this for the first time. I love that it gives a comparison so you can see if anything changed… Thank you very much for this. Didnt know this tool was a thing.