iOS App TestFlight

Are you interested in trying out the SimpleHelp iOS Remote Support app? The app is now available in TestFlight here:

Please send all comments and feedback to Thanks!

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Excellent news, based upon the testflight i would publish it live
I have seen a lot worse than this in the appstore

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Anyone else having an issue entering the connection code?

Yes i had the same issue (have reported it) i got it working by entering the server address manually
not ideal but it works

Yes I did the same thing as well. Are you having issues with it reliably connecting if you visits the https://server-address/customer/mobile? It’s very hit or miss on connecting and it typically fails and shows an IP address. Not sure if your experiencing the same issue.

No i cant say i have seen that behaviour. I tried over wifi and then over 4g both seemed ok. One other thing i found but i havent tested much though was that if the phone went to sleep the connection was lost even though the phone said it was still broadcasting.

Worked well for me using server address.

First connection was slow to refresh the screen but changed to TCP (was on direct connection) and frame rate became usable on the next connection.

Would be good if the app always showed a button to start sharing screen rather than in the context menu. Don’t make the end user feel daft by needing the technician to explain where to find it.

Happy new year, hope you are all doing well.

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Any updates on when IOS or Android production product will be released??

Can Admins use this to login to other devices on the road and run toolboxes etc…??

No it’s only so you can see a remote devices screen using the screen recording functionality.

I agree, worked fine, this will be an invaluable tool, please release to app store.
tested on iPhone7+ running IOS 15.3.1

The beta in TestFlight has now expired is there an update?

I did find even the beta testflight version useful (wasnt perfect by anymeans) but at least we had something to use, but the beta expired in April and very little communication since except to say they are wanting to get out 5.3.8 desktop “and then will work on the mobile” . I know from experience that software always takes twice as long as you plan but truthfully this has been a bit of a longtime between drinks.