Iphone App or better mobile integration


Our techs are always on the go. We have found using Pulseway for mobile has been amazing. However we love Simple-Help so much for desktop use. Pulseway for most things is two clicks.

The simple-help mobile app is pretty much worthless unless I just need to remote into a users machine to see their screen. or at

Does anyone know if Simple-Help is going to be more mobile friendly anytime soon or at least some plans for this?

I can go more in depth if anyone wants to start a conversation about it.

P.S. Ive tried the mobile VNC sessions as well but didnt see to be much better. There seems to be no way to get any info or use toolbox from the mobile web site,

I agree the simple-help mobile is worthless and needs much help. But we started using the SSH feature of Simple-Help with the Screens IOS app and it totally resolved any issue.

Hmmm. Can you share some more details on that? Ive not head of that option. I have the Screens app already.



Thank you. It seems to work ok. I hope better integration comes along. Pulseway mobile RMM is awesome but much prefer Simple-Help for any support from a desktop.