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I have been looking for a way to integrate a software key finder into simple-help. It would make our job easier when having to remote reinstall software for a user.

Does anyone have an idea the best way to do this?

Thanks all!

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my solution is GLPI and plugin FusionInventory. All open source and free.

I would also love and willing to PAY for a software license audit solution in SH. I currently use a separate 3rd party tool but would like it integrated into SH. I don’t want a separate solution like GLPI. Thanks!

Hi all.
To do this I have created a tool in the toolbox that uses nirsofts keyfinder. produkey v1.93
made a batch script:
@echo off
produkey.exe /stext produ.txt
type produ.txt

Hopefully this helps someone else get the products keys from windows machines with simplehelp toolbox.


Thanks Darrell! Will give it a try.

Anyway to import the produ.txt into the notes for that machine?

In the 5.2 beta this should be possible

We are in 5.2. Any ideas?

I do not know of a way to add it to the notes automatically.
You could use the scripting api to email the code to email of your choosing, or write it to a log file on the server, or to the machine property.

I love the idea of a toolbox for running a software key retreival tool! My plan was to have it dump the output to my private SFTP server. However, Windows Defender flags ProduKey.exe as malicious when I went to test it. :frowning:

Hi David, what if at the beginning of the script you set an exclusion in Defender…