License in use, can't find out why?

One of my licenses is in use and I can’t find it. It’s not in Active sessions. I noticed that if you do a disk drive space check it will use a license but I can’t remember the last computer I used that on.

It’s not a tunnel in use either. The only way to fix this is to reboot that I know of. Any other ways to check what’s using a license?

In addition to “maybe open a ticket with the simplehelp folks”:

With the disclaimer that I am totally making this up, maybe try Administration, Server Log, Download, then try searching the resulting text file to try reverse engineer what happened when.

Searching for “custsession” seems to find connections but depending on the type of connection you made you may need to try and search for some other keyword (e.g. make a disk drive space check connection, then see what that shows up as in the logs).

Of course if you did manage to find what’s using it, I’m not sure how you’d get it to release that license.

I just select all my PCs and then select the “Restart” option to Forcibly restart the service. This will disconnect all users. If you don’t have the Business license, you can only do this 1 PC at a time.