Linux Issue 5.2.12

We have OTP Enabled for Technicians. The normal behavior is to be prompted for OTP when opening the Simple Help Technician console and technicians are not prompted to authenticate when opening Remote Access client sessions.

After upgrading our Simple Help Server to 5.2.12 this behavior has changed on Linux only and now any Remote Access client session that is open the technician is prompted for OTP every time.

Anyone else experiencing this issue. (And yes, I put in tickets with Simple Help).

I had this happen in versions prior to 5.2.12 when using a notebook and move from location to location. IE: Close the lid, putting the notebook to sleep. When I opened the lid to use the laptop and SHelp it would ask. May have something to do with loosing internet.

Entering the code one time wasn’t a big deal but it keeps asking every connection and the only way to resolve it was to close the Tech console and restart it.

In my situation I am not switching public/local networks or causing the computer to go into hibernation/sleep. The re-prompt for OTP occurs when opening the first Remote Access session after the providing the initial logon creds/otp challenge to Simple Help.