Looking for Guidance on How To Testing out New Versions

Since running into the horrible 5.3.5 bug (error summary pop-up/force quit bug) and then 5.3.6 (macOS endpoint access lost) , I’ve been waiting to avoid that issue. How do people test new SH versions? Almost all my endpoints are production and I don’t want to lose access to them. Your advice/feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

We have a pretty large deployment of SimpleHelp spread across many servers in numerous countries and generally will have 600+ active sessions at any given time (~3500 remote machines), so rolling out new versions is not a trivial task for us, and we cannot afford significant issues to be introduced.

I have dedicated SimpleHelp test systems (VMs) and dedicated test remote machines (VMs and physical machines) that I will use to sanity check everything I can on a new release prior to rolling it out onto our production systems.
I test general functionality, upgrades of end points, security and usually quite a lot of network related testing (packet captures, traffic analysis etc) to understand any change in network footprint.

The network testing is particularly important for us as bandwidth consumption is critical in our environment and on occasion new features/functionality or changes to the underlying screen capture mechanisms has resulted in excessive increases in bandwidth utilisation.


Ok. So you have dedicated test environment. Do you use a 3rd party tool for access in your test environment? Thanks.

Our internal Test system (SimpleHelp server(s) and the majority of RemoteMachines we test with) are all VMs running on VMWare infrastructure, therefore we can access them remotely using vCenter or just RDC when we are setting up and running any tests outside of using SimpleHelp itself.