MAC OS Silent Install

Hi Guys. I need help.

We have vmwares airwatch mdm for ios devices.

We are trying to get the SimpleHelp ACCESS DMG to install and run silently.

We can get the dmg on the device. But they still have to manually run the Remote Access application and start the service.

Any suggestions? Is there a script I can use to install and run the dmg and the access service?

I dont use macs too much so I am clueless.

I’ve just figured this out this morning. We are testing out the application for our school board.

In airwatch, after you’ve added the .dmg and the .plist, there is a Scripts tab. In the box for post-installation script, enter the following:

cd /Applications/Remote\
sudo ./osxwrapper

After this, I was able to deploy the agent to a Mac running Catalina, and have it run after install. I used the online version of the .dmg.

Hope this helps!

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Awesome. Thank you ! I was close !
Going to try this now.