macOS and Linux CLIENT installation documentation

There’s a ton of info about Windows client deployment. It seems that there is an expectation that the documentation should transpose to macOS and Linux. It does not.

For example on macOS, I cannot find a list of the required TCC permissions for the app.

These are standard for every other Screen Sharing …
Screen Recording
Full Disk Access

But it also looks as though it needs to be granted


None of this is difficult to push out (except the impossibility of deploying an Allow PPPC for Screen Recording), but I’m really not seeing this documented anywhere. Am I missing something?

Also on Linux, I just have no idea how to deploy. I’m able to do the “mass deployment” and that works, but I’m at a loss for anything else. I’d hoped that the “Mass Deployment” would give detailed feedback/logging but I’m not finding it.

Are Linux and macOS deployments detailed somewhere?


Peet, I have successfully pushed (albeit not provided by SH) a script to install the client on many headless Linux boxes at once.

Qualifications - you’ll need ssh enabled on all machines and scripting (python/shell) knowledge, have a ftp setup somewhere on the network with the SH installer file on it (tar or extraced).

Craft your own ssh script to ftp to copy the SH installer file to the machines and then run a command similar to this:
/temp-directory/RemoteAccess-version /S NAME=AUTODETECT /HOST=insertSHServerFQDNHere

A site that helped me with PSSH: