Major Problem - SH Causes High WmiPrvSE.exe CPU Usage

I contacted SH Support a month ago and sent them logs like they requested. After following up I haven’t heard anything so I’m posting here to see if anyone else is having this issue that we consider a major bug.

We’ve observed high CPU usage (up to 100%) of WMIPrvSE.exe on 30-40 different Windows Server 2012/2016/2019 machines we manage with SH. Stopping the SH remote access service fixes the issue immediately but a server reboot is needed to clear the issue with the SH service running. After a reboot, things work fine for a while but over time the CPU usage for WMIPrvSE slowly climbs until it’s out of control and our customers complain that their servers are running slowly.

We have disabled all of our SH alerts and ticked monitoring off thinking that it might help but it turns out that this week we’ve logged into a few servers and noticed the problem has cropped up again.

We first noticed this issue when we were on SH v5.2.5 and continue to have it on v5.2.11.

Just throwing stuff at the wall here, but maybe AV is shutting down SH WMI queries and SH is going a bit bonkers producing a memory leak or the handle count is creeping up.

Do you have anything in event viewer with source Microsoft-Windows-WMI?

So far my experience with the SH agents is really good and any issues have been predictable (much better than the older RMM behemoths around) but these things happen. Would be great to know what the root cause is in case we experience it as well.

Just checking in to see if you have found anything. I have had problems with wmi in the past , but nothing simplehelp related.

If you find a solution please post.

Also, bump support again. I am sure they forget things like the rest of us and appreciate reminders.

Looks like 5.2.12 fixed alot of little bugs. Curious if it fixes this issue for you.

Thanks everyone for the responses. I checked Microsoft-Windows-WMI in Event Viewer and didn’t find anything obviously helpful. I just installed 5.2.12 yesterday and will do tests and see if the issue comes back over time. Still, I really wish SH support would have continued communicating with me about this issue since it’s been fairly crippling in our experience.

I just reached out to SH support again because we’re still having the problem on 5.2.12. I am really concerned that they stopped responding to my e-mails about this issue.

I sent them SH logs folder on a server that WmiPrvSE.exe had maxed the CPU out to 100% on. Logging into the physical console and stopping the SH “Remote Access Service” INSTANTLY clears the issue. However, starting the service back up immediately brings the issue back. Rebooting the entire server will clear up the issue for a matter of weeks but the issue will inevitably return.

There are LOTS of Windows event errors being logged in Microsoft-Windows-WMI as @Anthony mentioned. Every 20 minutes or so an error like the following is logged with a DIFFERENT process ID…I wonder if something is crashing and restarting every 20 minutes that shouldn’t be.

Id = {63E05EAF-A821-0000-99B5-996421A8D601}; ClientMachine = SERVERA; User = NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM; ClientProcessId = 490932; Component = Unknown; Operation = Start IWbemServices::ExecNotificationQuery - ROOT\CIMV2 : SELECT * FROM Win32_ProcessStartTrace WHERE ProcessName = ‘wsmprovhost.exe’; ResultCode = 0x80041032; PossibleCause = Unknown

SH support, PLEASE HELP!

@David_Cergizan - while it does not help your issue. I can contribute that we are at the current release, and manage about 100 windows servers throughout our clients from 2008-2019 server and have never experienced this issue on any of them in the 4 or 5 years we’ve been using SH. Not saying it’s not happening, but seems strange that no one else is experiencing the same. You may want to start looking at what other commonalities are between these servers, as that may be a better road to go down.

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@realmx2, Thank you for your sanity check - it was helpful to get me back on track of thinking about our environments and the specific servers we’ve been seeing the problem on.

I believe I’ve finally stumbled on the problem, which is that one of our monitoring alerts (which runs a custom toolbox tool, aka a batch script) may have been set to run too frequently. I haven’t been able to prove this, but my suspicion is that it may have been getting hung up and then over time creates a situation where it is just constantly trying to catch up and essentially just runs the tool over and over again. I’m relieved to have most likely found it, but am still concerned at the lack of response I heard from SH support. I’m sure with their knowledge of how their software works, the problem would have been spotted much more quickly.

Thank you everyone for your help! I’ll post back if I discover any other info about the problem.

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Sorry your having this problem. Let us know if that was it. Sounds like you are on the right track though.

If not, the only other thing I can think of is maybe your SH Service didnt upgrade correctly? I would remove it then manually look for any files left over and delete them. Once you can confirm all SH files are gone then re-install the service.

I am currently running SH service on about 100 servers and 600 workstations with out issues. Please keep us posted.

Did you find out what the problem was? I am not having this issue and in fact have never experienced this issue leading me to believe that the problem is a specific configuration on your networks such as the anti virus program you use or your custom toolbox.

The reason why I am commenting is to find out if Simple Help support ever got back to you? I experienced the same issue with them. I reported an issue with the caps not working on remote machines. I always have to use shift to do caps. I reported the issue to them, they asked me to send them a log file, which I did and after a couple more emails, I never heard back from them ever again even after at least two follow up emails.

The issue - which I reported nearly two years ago is still present. It is very disappointing that such a good product has such unresponsive support. The program is quite reliable for me and I have had virtually no issues apart from the Caps lock not working on remote machines since day one and now more recently for some reason the num lock is being changed on remote machines - which is a problem for laptops users when they are suddenly typing numbers instead of expected letters.

Pity great program, but support needs improvement.

Yes, the problem hasn’t re-occurred since we reduced the frequency that our monitoring alert ran a custom toolbox tool. My concern is the same as your, since I’m sure that with the help of SH support we could have determined this issue much more quickly. Our support experiences were similar, it seems.