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Many computers have disappeared


This is a new one on me. I’m setting up two identical laptops for a client and 2nd one says it won’t upgrade to W11. So, I went to look at the CPU in the first laptop and it wasn’t listed in SimpleHelp. In fact, for this particular client only three devices are shown:


Fortunately, all backed up so restored last night’s backup and they’ve come back:

Any ideas? Auto forget is set at, what I think, is the default of 365 days.


My one thought is that I notice on the backup you restored that all the machines except for the “REV014” are showing gray (so offline). Did you check this to see if it’s the culprit…


They’re mainly offline now because it’s evening in the UK. Yes, I’ve checked that. It’s set to a year/365 days.


Did someone accidently hit block on a bunch of machines? Might be worth checking if any are on the list from Login Security, IP Address Blocks



I noticed after updating to 5.3.3 ? that anything HTTP://yoururlhere:443 doesn’t work anymore.
but using https without the port 443 works. (https://yoururlhere)

Not sure why mine was originally setup to use HTTP and then port 443 but it was and those clients using it stopped connecting.


I think will chalk this down to “one of those weird things”. Hasn’t happened since restoring the backup of the configuration folder.


This has happened again! Computers have gone missing… about to restore a backup.


Restored last nights backup and they’re all back… weird!