Mass Deploy to new classroom macs

I am trying to mass deploy the agent to nw classroom macs. I am getting the following error. I can confirm I have SSH access from another VLAN to this network that I am trying to mass deploy to. What am I doing wrong? Do I have to be on the same VLAN?

Open SSH to
com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: Session.connect: End of IO Stream Read at com.jcraft.jsch.Session.connect( at com.jcraft.jsch.Session.connect( at utils.ssh.SSHClient.reinitSession( at utils.ssh.SSHClient. ( at utils.ssh.SSHClient. ( at utils.ssh.RobustSSH.createSSHClient( at utils.ssh.RobustSSH.getSSH( at at$ at utils.sync.ThreadPool$

If all is properly setup and you can ping a device on the vlan, then you have an issue with the ssh server. Please try to connect to a sshd to be sure it is working.

I am able to successfully SSH into the Apple workstation, no problem. I would love to know why this is not working. Is Apple locking things down too much in their latest operating system?

I just tested with linux and it worked fine using ssh for the mass install. I’ll try with Apple…

Thanks, I don’t doubt that it works with Linux, if you get it to work with Apple, I will be surprised!

It installed fine, however I’m not using a vlan… It was a very smooth install. Don’t forget to enable the “Remote Login” under the Sharig icon under the System Preferences. That is the only thing…

I do have that enabled, and I am able to SSH into the workstation just fine. What version of MacOS did you test this on?

It was tested with a macbook pro running High Sierra. I know that if you are running Mojave you can expect problems as I had issues with other network related settings

So I think that is why it is working for you and not me. On new mac workstations I don’t have the option nor should we want to downgrade to High Sierra.

I’ll test with Mojave this week and post my results.

Joao - did you ever test this? It seems more and more this is not going to work on Macs.

I apologize… because I’ve been mostly on the road I completely forgot.
At this moment I don’t have one with mojave at the office. I know it is working fine with previous versions… but agree with you regarding mojave because I had lots of issues with it. I just put a sticker in the techs room to be tested with a mojave machine as soon as one comes in.