Migration Issues Windows to Ubuntu

Hi all, any help would be greatfully accepted. I am migrating my simple help install from a windows server to a Ubuntu server. Setup on the Ubuntu was a simple process, and I copied my configuration folder from windows to ubuntu successfully. All seems to be running fine.
However, on connecting or disconnecting from a pc with remote access, it attempts to write a log entry, but I get an error each time, as it is looking for the folder: C:\SimpleHelp\Logs/shelplogs and obviously (as there is no C:\ in Ubuntu) it cant find the folder.

Does anyone know how to change that setting on Ubuntu?
Thanks in advance

I found the solution and am putting it here in-case anyone else needs the help. I created a log file in my Ubuntu system under the folder:
and called the textfile shelplogs
Then went into the Technican App and went to Alerts then clicked on Events then “Everylog”
Here changed the setting under “Actions Configuration” (icon of man/woman/other or no gender person running)
Where it had C:\SimpleHelp\Logs I changed this to /opt/SimpleHelp/logs/
and in the filename typed in shelplogs

Thats was it, all running now and the file is recieving the logs.