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Mobile support message


It says here: that simple-help supports mobile customers visiting your site and that they can chat, share screenshots and pictures.

When I go to our site on a mobile browser it says “This server does not meet the minimum requirements in order to launch a secure session” - I’m on the latest version of Simple-Help (5.4.8) is this just not a working feature, or is there something we need to do?

Also on that screen there’s a link to “Launch Support App”, but that goes to a dead page at


Hi @realmx2

We use it no problems, we tell the user to download the app from the store then enter the url for our support server, hit the 3 dots, click share screen - we can see the screen and chat

you can’t control anything - just watch the users screen

hope this helps


To get a Mobile Device App connection code registered between your site and SimpleHelp’s Site [ or - they need to be able to communicat.
Like me, I assume you have some geoIP blocking to prevent access to your SH server from their own published online server listed above or it’s otherwise not available over the internet. Turn off the block and then complete the setup for Mobile Device App to “Use a connection code”

You would only need to remove the block temporarily to get the connection code (it’s just a switching table on SH site, effectively: Do remove the block again to update it if you ever change your domain name in future).
Hope that helps, worked for me and I did put my GeoIP blocks back on afterwards, continues to work fine.


The issue was evidently because I needed to do more in the “Administration” section in simple-help technician admin login. Once we did that we now have a connection code that we can give people @Az_Ashraf - FYI, that may be easier than having them type the server address.

thanks @Az_Ashraf and @Rod_Arthur - you guys helped me dig deeper to figure it out

I may put the info in a separate post so that people can reference it, as the simple-help site is not very helpful, and doesn’t have directions at all.