Monitoring Denied

Has anyone ever had an Unattended Remote Access machine begin to show “Monitoring Denied” … I’m not trying to allow remote work to any devices currently (which is what it looks like it believes is going on)… this is a recent install on a newer machine.

There is an option you can set to deny remote monitoring on the remote access client.
Un-check allow monitoring outside sessions.

Ya know, that’s a great suggestion and I actually did look there and both are already checked to allow. :thinking: in fact. Looking at options here versus other clients they all look exactly the same it’s just this one has lost its mind :joy:

I’ve opened up a support ticket because it makes no sense.

Oof. Hope you get it figured out. Let us know what you find.

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Update… no reply from support but had to reconnect to machine today for and issues was still there. Went to get a cup of coffee and when I returned the machine was showing like the issue was never there. Maybe java is the answer :wink:

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