Moving to a new datacenter

Hi all,
I read the migration doc but it didn’t quite answer my question. I’m moving from one data center to another. Can I set up a second server, copying the /opt/SimpleHelp directory over, start it up and then just point the DNS to the new server? Leaving both machines up for a short bit, wouldn’t all the client machines on the Access tab just follow over when the TTL expires for the old entry? Its still the same name.

Yes that should work.
If you do a fresh install, all you really need is the configuration folder. It has the encryption key for the machines , your branding config, etc…
As long as your using the same dns name and just updating the ip you should be fine.

So I did that, new install, copy folder, got it running, moved the DNS and almost everyone came over. I had a few that wanted chat only on udp:80. Opened that in the firewall and the rest came back in. I had one Fedora machine that I had to uninstall and re-install RemoteAccess on. Major win! Thanks!!