Multi-display issues with 5.4.6

I’m having issues when connecting to computers with multiple displays since upgrading to 5.4.6. Whether it’s two or three screens, the only visible screen when selected is the one on the left. The other screens display all the way off to the right with only about an inch showing vertically. The view when displaying all the monitors at once works fine, but they’re too small to work with comfortably. I have remote access to over 200 computers, with most having multi-screen setups, and it happens with all of them.

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Make sure to submit a ticket to tech support as the community forums are not actively monitored by support.

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I did this morning. Thanks.

It was our first! We are having the same problem after this last upgrade…
We can preview all the screens but only the one at the left will allow to be seen after selected.

Ditto. We are having the same issue.

Thanks for opening a ticket.
I found a workarround which should to the job in the meantime.
Instead of selecting the desired screen, simply drag the zoom slider in the + direction and scroll left an right with the bottom bar.
The screencapture is slower but I guess there will be a fix quite soon.


Thanks to those who sent us session debug logs: We’ve replicated the issue here and are working on it.

Thomas’ workaround to use the zoom controls will be the best method in the meantime.

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we have the same issue here! hopefully a fix soon! I also have some clients that when I connect I get a black screen with only the pointer. if I send a ctrl alt del I can bring up task manager and open file explorer etc but no start bar or desktop icons come up. I have one client with a server that I can replicate the issue everytime. If I rdp to their server everything is fine.

Confirmed - Issues with multiple display, can only see one screen at a time and the other is a grey blank screen. I have also seen lots of screen flashing and color distortions. Guys, please fix asap. it’s really annoying to an update that fixes one thing and breaks another!

Today’s update got our systems working great again. Great job by SimpleHelp team… not easy!