Multi-factor authentication

In multi-tier authentication I want to configure so that a user can use an authentication app OR email so I have both boxes ticked in multi-tier authentication but when a user tries to log in it forces him to scan a QR code. There is no option to receive an email instead. This is bizarre. In every other application there’s a “choose alternate method” but not in SimpleHelp. If you don’t have a mobile phone, or it’s flat - you’re stuffed.

Also, there’s no way to reset a technician’s QR code. In documentation it says to reset a code to use the Technicians section but we don’t have any technicians in there because we’ve setup SimpleHelp with LDAP and group authenticated logins.

Some pretty major design flaws here

I think with LDAP you’ll need to expose group Authenticated Users to be able to interact with the MFA settings. I don’t have this setup, but this works for the Remote Work user group to let me see the logins.

Under Technician, the gear icon top right, check Show Group Authenticated Users.

I’m not sure SimpleHelp is setup to allow either or on MFA options. If app auth is enabled it seems to default to that. This is something I would suggest as a feature change to support.