Multiple NICs - specify which one for the client?

I am running several machines with multiple NICs. (it is a VPN scenario with tailscale and wireguard). internet access is not allowed over the tunnel, which means one of the NICs technically has no internet access. The problem is, the SimpleHelp remote access client bounces back and forth between the two NICs, so half the time it is offline and can’t be connected to.

Is there a way to specify which NIC the remote access client uses to check in with the server??

Hey justin. I saw no one has answered your question.
Currently , no. You can not specify in the app what nic or ip route to use.
I have not seen this in most client apps. I have seen 3rd party software use it though so you can direct what apps on the box use what route/nic.

I have not tried this but something like this may work for what you need.

Out of curiosity, why did you got the dual nic route with your vpn as opposed to a split tunneling setup for your vpn?

the other options would be use to the route table to build persistent routes for the traffic.
The interface number is going to change from PC to PC so you will need to query it before you add the route.

route add mask metric 1 if -p
route add mask metric 1 if 7 -p