Need Help Automating Import feature

Here is my code. It will work when I create it as a toolbox and run it manually but If I automate it to run then it doesn’t work.

FOR /F “tokens=* delims=” %%x in (c:\temp\scancircle.txt) DO echo ServerUtilsSetMachineProperty(@ThisMachine(),Computer Data,%%x)

if its run from the Toolbox and it works probably, Toolbox gets admin access, if its a script you don’t get admin once the toolbox is closed

Try changing your quotes from
“tokens=* delims=”
“tokens=* delims=”

hmm. or is that just the editor formatting the quotes? I cant tell now.

Simple Help had a bug. They fixed in in the newest release. The quotes get messed up on this forum, make sure they are ascii quotes.