No new versions since June?

Rather unusual to not get an update for at least three months…

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I wondered this as well. I was going to get another license, but held off.

I usually email them to ask for additional features but haven’t had any major ones lately. There pretty pro active but I have a feeling they may be working on the remote work feature side of things. The only major feature I’d like to see is some sort of password management built into simple help to be able to logon to servers by choosing the credentials to use rather than typing manually. It can be a faff when the caps key or the special character keys aren’t working properly in simple help session and to be able to auto logon to a server would be a really good feature that some of the other remote support providers offer. That said the product is great and I’ve recently started using the OTP authentication and it’s brill. Did you guys take advantage of the free upgrade on tech licenses during the working from home period ? They offered it but you had to ask. I really appreciated that for our techs it was a 3 month free upgrade.

Mobile and functional Browser support is a must.
The other remote products have had it for a long time and SH is lacking in this department.

A heads up of when a new release or beta maybe available would let us know everyone’s ok during these crazy world times.

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It would… one gets jittery feet :wink:

For me, it just needs windows update built in and the ability to run reports.

I hope we get a new version with some new features soon!

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I’m not specifically waiting for new features. I have a reminder that pops up every month to check/update key systems. You know the kind of thing - check disk space is okay, install Windows updates. Updating SimpleHelp is on that list but hadn’t been updated for months which is unusual.

My only outstanding annoyance is because I’m a lone gunman, I only have one license and sometimes when switching between disconnected sessions, it either won’t reconnect or ends up with “Connection closed” splashed across a session that is clearly connected. I sometimes also get “You’re out of licenses” as it thinks a session is still connected. But these are very minor issues.

And considering how little traffic there is through here, it would be nice if an employee engaged here as well now and then. There aren’t enough of us here to reach critical mass of self-support.

We are looking into moving away to Atera or Syncro for this very reason. There has been nothing big or much benefit regarding updates for us over the last year or so. I have requested loads of features but nothing has ever been implemented. Shame.

Are these hosted systems? Whilst the techies amongst us cherish a bit of server implementation, many are attracted to hosted systems for the simplicity, even if it ends up costing more.

Maybe Simple Help should offer a hosted option as well or tie up with somebody who can host it for them.

I use Simple-Help purely on price…


Don’t they offer a simple and automated spin up of Digital Ocean (maybe others) during install?

That isn’t them hosting but Simple-Help is totally geared around the customer controlling their own hosting environment, not being dependent on a 3rd party, which to me is a major plus.

I came from Atera to Simple-help about a year or so ago, but looking at Atera and it’s new functions I have also been looking to go back with little development going on here… is there any reason???

Can’t say I would recommend Atera. Just for kicks, what NEW functions have they released? As an example, there mobile client is rated a 2.

I just submited a feature request last week. Sounds like they are working on simplehelp version 5.3
Said they would try and have my request in by release.

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That’s good to hear.


Just noticed a new version pushed 5.2.12.

So far looks good.

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Phew!! Panicking over nothing :wink:

Release notes:

Anyone know when 5.3 may be released?