(Not) Lacking security on standard tier!

I am sure everyone saw the recent news about the Kaseya and Solarwinds hacks. It’s obvious that hacker groups are targeting tech support platform to get many targets all at once. I am very disappointed that simplehelp offers alerts and 2FA only for business tiers and not for standard. I have about 250 clients but that does not mean that I should not have the same security than someone with business tiers. Security shouldn’t be based on tiers, it’s not like I have bells and whistles, it’s just security, makes the product more reliable. I wish simplehelp would consider adding alerts for whoever tries to sign-in as technician and/or 2FA also on standard tier.

Are you sure that’s true? I’m pretty sure I’m on standard (SimpleHelp 2 (Classic)) and I use 2FA. I certainly don’t have access to the extended business features.

I am with Rob on this. 2fa is for everyone and so are login alerts. You just have to set them up.

Yes, definitely, you are both right: 2FA can be set even on Standard tier so kudos to simple-help. I still wish I could set an alert if there is a failed attempt to login, it would definitely be a step towards further securing simple-help.


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thanks for your input. Because I don’t have a business license I can’t get the alert (at least for attempted and failed logins). So standard licenses don’t really deserve a tiny bit of enhanced security.

Here’s what I get when I tried to set the alert…

Click events, not alerts. You should be able to set an event.
Alerts are for monitoring clients.

Thank you Darrell…that worked beautifully.