Notify when logging in

The notification that I logged into someone’s system disappeared. How can I re-enable it?

Login as SimpleHelpAdmin.
Go to the administration tab > Session Features.
Enabled Technician Presence dialog. Choose what you want it enabled for.

Anyway to make the notification only on a subset of computers?
If you do under Administration Tab - Session Features - Seems like an all or nothing for all clients and devices

I have only one client needing to be notified when technician is active and connected to their devices. All other clients don’t want the popup nor believe they need to know.

Also wondering how to stop popup even when connect for Diagnostic mode. Want this to be silent for all clients. Also ideally silent for file transfer mode. Would be good to granularly be able to control what mode for what clients the pop up notification appears , Or is it there, I just have not found the settings

Another option maybe simply allow us to select a group of computers, when log in the Chat window opens. That way client knows we connected, have ability to instantly respond to us if any concerns?
Maybe a feature request?

No way that I know of. Sounds like all good feature requests.

Submit them to support with your use case and an example detailing how each feature would work.