Pre-configured Calling Card?

Is it possible to pre-configure the calling card instead of having to type it out every time? Optionally, is there any option for private branding the Calling Card?


I dont remember there being a way to.Submit it as a feature request. Being able to save it and pre-download it to deploy would be cool too.

Just to keep the Calling Card discussion in one place -

The other Calling Card option that would be nice is if the calling card can be emailed as an Invite instead of the webpage download link as the invite is now. I support seniors sometimes and just talking them through the download and run is challenging. A simple double click on an email would be great but I suppose an .exe attached to an email doesn’t go over too well these days.

I also support more than the normal amount of seniors, the calling card feature is almost perfect, just needs a little more attention.