Preconfigured remote access installer broken in 5.3

Downloaded 5.3 a couple of hours ago. I assume the right version as the post about wrong version been uploaded was over 5 hours ago.

I re-downloaded the installer which is configured for silent but nothing happened when I tried it on a VM. The exe ran for a while and then simply disappeared. No menu items, nothing running.

So I turned off silent install and switched to using “Copy link” and that got me a bit forward. Except the Machine Group setting isn’t working. This is how the installer is configured:

Note how it should go into Customer machine group. This is how it ends up after installing:

But when you start the remote access service the “Customer” machine group disappears so it doesn’t go into the right group. You can watch it - just after remote access service reports it’s running, the machine group window goes blank:

So I start meddling with the Machine Group section and not well. Can easily end up hanging the technician console. For starters, I can’t remove “Customer” - in fact, it crashes the client:

Relaunching the tech client and this time, select “Choose” instead to pick a new group, and you get a rather weird (ROOT) node which disappears if you exit the screen and come back:

But when I deploy that installer, it doesn’t go into Helios/New computers.

Hmm, that machine group tree is having trouble. With two levels in there, this is how it looks before you start the service:

Click start and it changes to this:

And as you might expect from the screenshot above, a new root group called “New computers” is created and the machine is in there. Not the correct Helios, New Computers:

Just in case I’d grabbed the bad upload, I’ve just download again and binary compared. I’ve got the latest from the website.

Please make sure you create a ticket for this if you haven’t already as the SimpleHelp staff do not often come in here.

Yup - did that last night and directed them to this post.

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This is fixed in v5.3.2