Product Suggestion for File transfer tab

I’d love to be able to assign a default directory locally when starting a file transfer session. We always use the same set of tools (IE s:\tools ) and having the file transfer default to that tools directory would save time.


Would also be nice if it remembered the last folders on source and target - per user.

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If you guys haven’t done so already, please go to the SimpleHelp website, click on support and then ticket:

From there you will be given the choice to suggest a feature. This forum is mostly for customers to talk with one another. SimpleHelp staff do not regularly monitor it.

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Is it not better though for us customers to chat together first on a particular suggestion so that a more rounded feature is requested? IMO SimpleHelp staff should monitor what their customers are saying. It’s not an incredibly busy board so would only take 30 minutes per week?

What’s the link to look at and vote on existing suggestions for features?

SimpleHelp does not have this option. Just submit your feature using the ling above. I imagine if they start getting tons of requests they will add a voting system, but for now they do not have one.